Designed by Professionals for use by
Greenkeeping Professionals, our pioneering
'stand-up' long-handled repair tool.

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When quality really counts, our first long-handled repair tool is designed and built with professional green-keeping teams in mind.

Easy to use and designed to make repairing ballmarks quick and with less physical strain, not even bending over - the steel, spring-loaded mechanism is built for continuous use by professional teams.

(sold as a set of two for dry/firm & wet/soft green conditions)
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Our experts recognise that different green conditions found around the world, mean different requirements for our tools. So our product development team have worked with experts who work with a variety of climates and course conditions to develop 3 models of the GreenkeeperPro for use in dry/firm, wet/soft and even Links style turf conditions.

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Greenkeeper Pro - Set of 2


Greenkeeper Pro Set for dry/firm and wet/soft greens.

Package contains two complete tools, one for dry/firm and one for wet/soft green conditions.

  • Professional divot/spot repair tool
  • Repairtec technology
  • Full metal spring mechanism head
  • Ergonomic design soft grip handle
  • Patent 9925437


We've been able to develop the Greenkeeper Pro as a long-handled tool because it utilises our unique and patented RepairTec™ system. Engineered, steel prongs with sculpted heads which enter the turf surface vertically and recover the compacted soil with a single motion. This vertical motion allows the user to repair standing up, with no need to 'lever' the turf to repair effectively.

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At 105cm long, the Greenkeeper Pro removes the need to bend over to repair ballmarks, making it quicker and easier to repair multiple marks - freeing up valuable time for green-keeping teams.

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To ensure the best possible results for greenkeeping teams operating in Links and sandy soil conditions we have developed a specialist version of our tool especially for you - follow the link to find out more.

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Pitchfix’s professional product for the greenkeepers and course marshals. Based on the award winning RepairTec™ pin technology greenkeepers and course marshals can repair left over pitchmarks and brown spots in a matter of seconds. Perfect repairs and spot aeration without having to bend over. The tool not only repairs the pitchmark or brown spot but the spring mechanism in the head of the tool also pushes down the ground while retracting the pins and the affected area is aerated simultaneously.

The Greenkeeper Pro comes as a set with 2 models for all-given circumstances to give you the perfect tool for both dry and firm greens as well as for wet and soft greens. Additionally we have developed the Links edition for use on sandy / Links style course conditions. The Greenkeeper Pro can also be installed green-side so your private members always have the best repair tool at hand.
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Tough, steel construction
Unique, long-handled design
Patented, RepairTec mechanism
3 models for different course conditions

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Our team are experienced in helping clubs, businesses and agencies to select the best solution from our range. To get a quote and organise a concept visual of your branded tool get in touch and we'll be in touch as soon as we can!

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