What does a Divot Tool do?

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If you have ever wondered ‘what does a divot tool do?’, the answer is right here. Divot tools are used to repair the grass on the golf course. Often, when golfers play, they brush the grass with their clubs, and this can leave scrapes, and when golf balls land on the short grass on the putting greens, it can leave an indentation. This damage is known as ‘divots’. To keep the course in good condition, this damage should be fixed. Divot tools have two metal prongs, and they are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of the mark. The edges are then carefully pushed back together to close the gap, or lifted to level a mark.

This technique is so that there is no further damage caused to the grass roots, but not everyone knows the right technique and this can cause more repair work. One solution to this problem is the Twister divot tool. It has three pins set in a circular shape, and to repair a divot, the pins are pushed in and out of the mark a few times. This works to lift the grass without affecting the roots. With no technique to master, even novices can repair divots with good affect. All golfers are encouraged to have a divot tool with them, so they can repair the marks they see as they walk the course, helping to keep it in good condition.

PNow you know the answer to ‘what does a divot tool do?’, there are more reasons why they are good gift ideas. They are lightweight enough to carry in a pocket or on a key ring, and that are not expensive golf gifts. They can be personalised with a message, or a brand or logo, so they are good to give to potential clients. A Twister tool is something that any golfer would be delighted receive.