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A pitch repair tool is a useful golfing gadget that helps to keep the course in good playing condition. Often on a golf course, the grass can get damaged by golfers as they swing their clubs too close to the ground and cause divots, or when golf balls land on the putting green. These divots need to be repaired, and a pitch repair tool is something that all golfers are recommended to carry with them so that they can fix any divots they see as they walk around the course. A pitch repair tool has two fork-like prongs that are used to carefully push the outside edges of the divot back towards the centre. This allows the grass to be repaired without causing further damage to the roots.

The Greenkeeper Pro is a divot tool with a difference. Forget the back-ache of having to bend down to repair divots, not you can do the job while standing thanks to the Greenkeeper Pro. It havs a long, lightweight handle that allows you to reach the grass with ease, and the spring-loaded pins make light work of any dent in the grass. For professional greenkeepers, this tool is a must! But, why should the professionals have all the fun? You can have the Greenkeeper Pro tools set-up at the edges of greens for players to use tool! For healthy grass on the putting green, choose the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool.


Golf gadgets branding doesn’t get any better than with Pitchfix. Our golf accessories are some of the most popular on the market, thanks to their clever design and durable materials. Now you can associate that same quality with your business, charity or team, buy having our golf gadgets branding with your logo or colors. Divot tools and ball markers are always appreciated, and branded with a logo they make great promotional gifts. We also supply neat presentation packaging, so you can create a good image right from the beginning. Ready to get started? Call our team now to talk more about your branding!

The prongs on the pitch repair tool fold back into the casing for safety when not in use, and there plenty of room on the casing to have it personalized. There are many option for personalizing a pitch repair tool. A funny slogan, message or icon makes it a great gift to give to anyone who enjoys golf. There is also the option to have a brand or logo put on it, making it ideal to give as corporate gifts. Having a brand or logo on a pitch repair tool provides an effective way of promoting a business, attracting new clients and showing the products and services on offer. A pitch repair tool is also inexpensive compared with most other pieces of golf equipment or gift ideas, and it is also small enough to be carried in a pocket or on a keyring. With the option to have it personalized, a pitch repair tool is a great gift idea and something that anyone who enjoys a game of golf would be happy to receive.
When you need a great promotional gift, it can be hard to decide what to choose. That is where we can help. Our golf tools are top quality items that are made to last, so help create a good brand image for your business. You can have our tools branded with your logo or colors, and you can extend the branding to the packaging too. Branded business gifts are great for giving out at networking events, helping to bring in more clients and grow your brand. They are also great for team building days. For business promotional gifts that create a good brand image, see branded golf tools by Pitchfix.

How to use a Divot Repair Tool?

The prongs are inserted into the grass around the outside of the mark, and then the sides are pushed back towards the center. This is the technique that is recommended so that the mark can be repaired without causing any damage to the root structure of the grass. When not in use, the prongs of the divot repair tool fold back into the casing for safety, so it is easy to carry it around in a pocket or on a key ring. A divot repair tool makes the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys golf.

It is inexpensive compared with most golfing gadgets, and it can also be personalised with a message, amusing joke, icon or smiley. They can have a brand or logo, making the divot repair tool a great idea to give as business gifts, or at corporate golf days. It is an ideal way to create awareness of a company’s products or services. All golfers find the divot repair tool useful, and would be happy to receive one as a gift.

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PickCup Promo

You may have already heard of PickCup, the innovative ball retrieval gadget that helps keep the putting green in good condition. But, how about PickCup Promo? This is where the surface of a PickCup is customized to display a range of promotional and advertising messages. Any player putting to a hole will see the promotional message when they retrieve their ball. This is a brilliant way to promote a club, professional services, or to show information. Local businesses may sponsor a hole, bringing more revenue to your club. PickCup Promo gets your message in front of players, so try one today!
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Cleaning your golf club head is important if you want to play at your best. Dirt and grime affects how well you contact the golf ball, affects spin and how accurate your shot is. Aquabrush makes it easy to clean your clubs on the go. Simply fill the inner reservoir with water, press to spray a fine jet, and use the nylon brush head to get rid of the dirt. The Aquabrush is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and easy to attach to your golf bag. With four vibrant colors to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! Try the Aquabrush today!
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PickCup is a handy gadget that makes it easier to maintain putting greens. It fixes to the base of the flagstick and creates a platform for a golf ball to sit once it has been holed. The Rules of Golf now state that the flag can be left in place while putting, so to retrieve a ball the flagstick is lifted. This makes it easier for players as they don’t have to bend down, but it also helps keep the hole edges neat. Made from weatherproof material, PickCup is built to last. The rubberized edge not only protects the hole, but it also means less damage to the green if the flagstick is laid down. Try a PickCup today!
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Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 is a compact switchblade divot tool composed of two aluminium plates and is equipped with ABS rubberized handles for a solid grip. It has a removable ball marker and an integrated pencil sharpener, so you can mark your ball on the putting green and keep you scorecard accurate. This clever device not only keeps the putting green in good condition. but it also makes a great present idea for any golfer. There are 17 different colour shades to choose from! The ball marker may also be customised with a logo, making it an ideal promotional gift for any company. Try the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool today!
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Fusion 2.5

The Fusion 2.5 is a golf divot tool unlike any other. The RepairTecTM pins fix divots without damaging the grass roots, reducing the likelihood of brown spots. It features rubberized handles for a secure grip in any weather, as well as a magnetic ball marker and an inbuilt pencil sharpener. Never struggle to mark your scores with a blunt pencil again! There is an area on the ball marker that can display a brand logo, creating a promotional gift that is sure to get noticed. Choose from 14 different colour options to create a fantastic divot tool gift for yourself or a friend! Get the Fusion 2.5 now.
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Multimarker Chip

Discovering the best golf gifts has never been easier thanks to the Multimarker Chip! This novel poker-style chip serves as a ball marker, a putting alignment tool, and a tee toss to establish player order. Any golfer would enjoy using the Multimarker Chip on the course, and with 10 different colours to select from, you're bound to find the ideal one for you or a golfing buddy. If you're looking for a promotional item to offer to clients, the Multimarker Chip's cap can be customised with your colors or logo to attract new customers. Get your hands on the Multimarker Chip right now!
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