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We all know how important it is for a business to have a good image, and one way to do that is to show that customers or clients are appreciated by giving them a personalized gift, particularly if it is a gift that will be enjoyed. Personalized business gifts are an effective way to promote a business and awareness of the products or services it has to offer. There are a variety of personalized business gifts available, such as cups, pens, business card holders or novelty items that can all be personalized with a brand or logo. While these sorts of things can be useful, what makes a great personalized business gift is one that takes into account a person’s hobby or interest, and sporting gifts make a welcome change from the usual gift ideas.

Divot repair can be tough on the back, as reaching down to the grass can put strain on the muscles. When you have to make many repairs in a day, it can cause back problems that are hard to shift. With the Greenkeeper Pro, you no longer need to bend or kneel to reach divots. It works just like our regular divot tools, except that it has a long handle that allows the grass to be reached while standing. Interchangeable heads means effective repairs in any soil. Not just for greenkeepers, the Greenkeeper Pro divot tools can be installed at the green edge for players to use too!

Golf is a sport that has a large following of people who either play or enjoy it, and one business gift idea is a golf divot tool. Corporations often hold events such as golf days, and giving a personalized golf divot tool is something that any golfer or fan of the sport would be happy to receive. It is used to repair the marks, or divots, on the golf course that is caused by golfers either swinging their clubs too close to the turf, or by golf balls landing on the putting greens. It is a good gift idea because all golfers are recommended to carry one around the course so that they can repair any marks they see as they play. It can easily be carried on a key ring or in a pocket, and there is room on the casing to display a logo or brand. As many golfers often share divot tools, it gets your company name noticed by potential clients and brings more custom to your business.

Finding a good way to promote a business is often a challenge for business owners, but we have one solutions that works! Golf gadgets branding is where your can have your business logo displayed on our golf divot tools and ball markers. Our golf tools are known for their quality, and with your logo on, they are a gift worth having! Give them to your existing customers to say thanks, or use them to bring new clients and customers by handing them out at trade shows and industry events. For a promo gift that gets people talking, call our team today!

When you have a good promotional gift, it helps attract new business. But choosing the right promotional gift can be tricky, as it has to be something that represents your business. Our golf tools are known for their quality, and personalised golf gifts branding is where you can have your business logo or colors displayed. A good promotional gift is something that people will enjoy owning, and a branded golf tools is something that will get your business seen by many. Each comes neatly presented and ready to hand out. Our team are happy to help you with personalized golf gifts branding, so call now!


If you have ever noticed how dirt or grass clinging to your golf club can interfere with your shot, then we have the solution! With Aquabrush, we've made it simple to clear dirt away. Simply fill the brush with water and press down for a spray of water. Then, with the brush, clean soil from your golf club. Brush heads can also be replaced rather than having to buy a whole new device if they ultimately wear out. This golf gadget is small enough to fit in your golf bag and it makes a terrific gift. Get the Aquabrush today!


PickCup is a revolutionary golf course item that makes it easier to maintain the condition of putting greens. It sits within the hole and is attached to the bottom of a flagstick. When a ball is placed in the cup, it sits there until the flagstick is lifted, allowing it to be conveniently retrieved. The benefit is that the hole edges are not damaged, and the rubberized outer edge protects the green if the flag is set down. Flags can now be left in place during putting according to the Rules of Golf, and PickCup complies with these requirements, allowing them to be used in competitions. PickCup makes green-keeping a breeze, so get yours now!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo is an excellent way to promote a company's name in front of golfers. PickCup attaches to the flagstick's base and gathers the ball once it has been holed. The cup can be personalized with a company logo, allowing anyone who lifts the flagstick to collect their ball to see your branding. PickCup Promo can be used to market your club, promote pro club services, offer hole sponsorship to other businesses, or promote good course etiquette. PickCup also protects the edges of the hole, which helps to keep the greens in good condition. PickCup Promo enables you to bring more income to your club, so try them today!

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 has all the features you could want in a golf gadget and more. It level divots on the putting green and includes a detachable ball marker and integrated pencil sharpener so you can accurately mark where your ball is. This divot tool is compact in size, and it has grips made of ABS rubber for safe handling. Any golfer will love receiving the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool as a gift, but it can also be personalised with a company logo. It's the perfect marketing tool for companies to use at trade shows or to give to clients or customers! Make your purchase today!

Fusion 2.5

Looking for a gift for your corporate golf days, membership gifts or a unique marketing gift that's sure to be well received? The Fusion 2.5 divot repair tool is the answer! This useful tool comes in a range of 14 different vibrant colors and has a removable magnetic ball marker that can be customized with your brand logo. The Fusion 2.5 is a high-quality, versatile product would make an effective promotional item for your business, or to promote a specific event, and helps keep your company name in the hands and minds of your customers on their next round of golf. Grab yours today!

Multimarker Chip

Looking for that unique promotional product to keep your brand name in the minds of your customers and clients? Look no further than the Multimarker Chip from Pitchfix! This clever golf accessory combines a ball marker, putt alignment tool and tee-toss into one useful golf gadget. The Multimarker Chip is available in eight vibrant colours and a comes with a high-quality epoxy dome cap marker that can be customized with your brand or logo in full-colour, making you stand out from the competition. The Multimarket Chip is a must -have golf gadget, so order yours today!