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A metal divot tool is an important part of any golfer’s kit, as it is used to fix the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens. Damage can be caused if golfers take a chunk or grass out with their club, or a golf ball that lands heavily can leave a dent. This damage affects the surface, so a golf ball will not roll on a true line. Before putting, golfers check the path to the flag and repair any divots they see. This keeps their golf ball on the right track and the green in good, healthy condition.
A metal divot tool usually had two prongs that fold out, and these are used to make the repair. They are inserted into the turf at the outside edges of a dent, and a levering action is used to raise the grass to level it. When done properly, this works. But, not all golfers know how to use the right technique, causing more damage to the grass. Now there is a solution, and it is the new design of metal divot tool by Pitchfix!

The three pin design of divot tool allows anyone to repair a divot like a professional. The pins are simply inserted in and out of a divot a few times, and this lifts it without affecting the grass roots. Pitchfix metal divot tools have won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice award, and they have caused a stir in the golfing world.

Any golfer would be happy to try a Pitchfix divot tool, and they are a great gift idea. They can be personalized with a message or brand, and they come in a choice of colors. Golfers like to try out the best golf gadgets, so if you want to give an amazing golf gift, see the options at Pitchfix!

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 is the divot tool for you if you enjoy high-end golf accessories. It is easy to use thanks to the switchblade design, rubber grips, and it is also light weight and portable thanks to the aluminium blades. You can mark the exact location of your golf ball with the removable ball marker if you need to lift it, and your scorecard can be filled out neatly because it has an integrated pencil sharpener. The fully customizable ball marker means that the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool is an excellent promotional item for businesses too. Buy your Hybrid 2.0 today!

Fusion 2.5

The Fusion 2.5 divot tool is the ideal option if you're looking for the ideal golf accessory or gift! It maintains the soil quality and grass roots in addition to filling in the divots in the putting green, so you have a good approach to the flag. With 14 colour choices, you can find the perfect present for any player. The quick release ball marker is a great promotional item for businesses to give to customers or clients because it can be customised with a company logo. If you want a cutting-edge golf accessory that is sure to put a smile on the face of any golfer, go with the Fusion 2.5 divot tool!

Multimarker Chip

There are many gadgets that you might come across when looking for the best golf gift ideas, but the advantages of the Multimarker Chip make choosing the ideal golf gift simple. This ingenious poker-style chip serves as a ball marker, putting alignment aid, and tee toss to determine player order on the course. There are 10 different colour options, so you can find the perfect chip for you or a playing partner. The cap for the Multimarker Chip can be customized with your company's colour scheme or logo if you're a business looking for a promotional item to increase brand exposure. Purchase your Multimarker Chip now!