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There are many great golf gifts available to buy in shops or on the internet, such as golf novelty items, themed drinking cups or stationary. Other great golf gifts can be expensive, such as sports clothing and golf kit. If you want to buy a quality gift that will be appreciated, and won’t cost a fortune, then you can’t go wrong with a golf divot tool. A golf divot tool is a useful piece of golfing equipment that every golfer should carry as they play. It has two fork-like prongs that are used to repair the damage caused to the grass on the course. Scrapes are often made in the turf when golfers swing their clubs too close to the grass. This is more noticeable on the putting green which should be kept as flat as possible.

The golf divot tool is used to carefully lift and push back together the scrapes and marks in the turf. The technique is to work from the outside edges, so there is no effect on the grass roots and the grass stays in a healthy condition. The prongs fold back into the casing of the divot tool when not in use. Divot tools are great golf gifts because they can be personalized with a special message, amusing joke or icon. They are great golf gifts for businesses to give to potential clients and customers, as a brand or logo can be put on the casing. This helps to build brand awareness and promote a business’s products and services. Golf divot tools are good gift ideas because they are easy to carry, either in a pocket or on a key ring. They are a good quality gift that is inexpensive, and they are something that any golfer would be happy with, especially if it was designed and personalized just for them.