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Golf is a game that needs skill to play well, so there is plenty of golf practise equipment available in stores. There are nets, equipment to help you have the proper grip, or indoor training to improve your putt. There is a lot of choice. Regular practise can help you to improve your game, but there is one thing that can make playing golf frustrating, no matter how much skill you have. Divots are marks in the grass that affect how a golf ball rolls, and they are caused by golfers either swinging their clubs too close to the grass making a dent in it, or when golf balls land on the putting greens. Divot tools are something that golfers should have in their golf practise equipment, so they can fix the divots they see, and help to keep the grass in good condition.

Divot tools have two prongs, and these are inserted into the grass, at the outside edges of a mark. The technique is the carefully lift the turf to level a dent, or bring the sides back together to close a gap. A problem with the two prong divot tools are that if the right technique is not used, it can cause damage to the grass roots, which would need repairing. Not all golfers learn the right technique, so Pitchfix have brought out of a solution, the Fusion divot tool. It had three pins, and all that is needed is it insert them in and out of a mark a few times, and the action works to lift and level a dent, without causing any damage to the grass roots.

Golfers enjoy practise tips, and golf practise equipment, but divot tools are something that makes a difference to how good your game is. Enjoy your game, get a Fusion!