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Golf green equipment are things that all golfers should have with them as they play. This includes things like divot tools that help to keep the grass on the course in good condition, ball markers and wearable ball markers.

Damage sometimes occurs to the grass on the putting greens when golf balls land and leave dents in it. These dents, or divots, can make putting frustrating as if a ball rolls over one it will not roll on its course. If golfers see a divot, they can repair it before taking their shot, so the surface is level. That’s why all golfers are encouraged to have golf green equipment with them, so they can repair the divots they notice and help keep the grass in good condition. Divot tools have two prongs that are used to level a divot. The prongs are inserted into the outside edges, and the technique is to lift the grass to level it. The problem is that not all golfers know how to use the right technique, leading to more damage and repair work.

Pitchfix has found a solution, thanks to their new range of divot tools. The Fusion and the Twister have three pins, and to repair a mark all that is needed is to insert the pins in and out a few times. There is no technique needed, and anyone can repair a divot like an experienced greenkeeper. That’s why these divot tools are some of the most sought after golf green equipment around.

Other golf green equipment includes ball markers that allow a golf ball to be moved and put back in the same position, and some can be clipped to a hat for quick access.

If you want to give a gift to a golfer that will be appreciated, golf green equipment is a good option. The range at Pitchfix can be personalized with a message, or have a team or brand logo displayed. This makes a unique gift, and also one that can be used as a promotional tool too. See Pitchfix for a gift that any golfer would be happy to have.