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Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and ability, so naturally there is a large amount of golf gift ideas available on the internet or in sports stores. So how do you know what gift to choose? Should you go for the fun novelty hat, the golf themed stationary set or the drinking cups? These sorts of golf gift ideas are fun, but one gift that every golfer would be happy to receive is the golf divot tool. When golfers play, they are encouraged to carry a divot tool with them so that they can repair any damage to the grass they see as they play. There are often marks made in the turf that are caused by golfers swinging their clubs too close to the grass, or by golf balls landing on the putting green.

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It can be frustrating for golf players on the green, as the golf ball can run off its line when it meets a divot in the grass. The divot tool has two prongs that resemble a fork. The prongs are used to carefully push the sided of the mark back together from the outside, and this techniques is used so that there is no damage caused to the root structure of the grass. Divot tools are great as golf gift ideas as they are portable and can fit into a pocket or on a key ring. They can also be personalizes with text, smileys or a corporate brand or logo. Unlike many of the novelty items that are available, a golf divot tool is a practical yet fun gift that any golfer would be happy to receive and use. Having lots of golf players keen to help repair the grass as they play their round also keeps the green keepers happy!