Golf Essentials for 2021

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Golf essentials for 2021 are a hot topic among golfers, but any quality golf equipment is a contender. The most desired golf goodies are the ones that help golfers improve their game, and one that tops the polls is the golf tools by Pitchfix. The award-winning divot tools are used to repair the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens.

Dents and scuffs in the grass are caused when golfers brush it with their clubs, or when golf balls land on the putting green and leave a dent in it. If a golfer plays a putt, only for the ball to roll on a divot and go off its line, it can be very frustrating. That’s why golfers should have a divot tool with them, so they can repair the divots they see before they take their shot.

Traditional divot tools have two prongs, and they are inserted into the outside edge of a divot. The method to repairing it is to lever the grass back into position. The problem is that not everyone knows how to do it properly, and this can cause more damage and repair work.

Pitchfix have the answer, and it is the reason why their divot tools are some of the golf essentials for 2021 that all golfers want! The Fusion and the Twister are divot tools that have three pins, and to repair a mark, all that is needed is for it to be pressed in and out a few times. This works to lift the grass back into position without affecting the roots.

Golf essentials for 2021 are things that any golfer would enjoy using, especially award winning golf essentials! Pitchfix divot tools can be customized with a message, brand or logo, and they come in a choice of colors. Looking for a gift idea? See divot tools by Pitchfix!