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Golfers all like their golf essentials while playing out on the course, especially the golf essentials that help improve their game.

There are a few golf accessories that all golfers should have. One is a divot tool, used to keep the grass on the course in good condition. Sometimes the grass can become damaged as golfers swing their clubs too close and tear it, or when golf balls land on the putting greens and leave dents. Dents on the putting green will affect how a golf ball rolls, so if golfers have a divot tool, they can repr the dents before taking their shot. The traditional divot tools have two pins, and they are inserted around the edge of a mark. The sides are then pushed back together to close a gap, or lifted to smooth a dent. The problem is that if the right technique is not used, it can cause more damage than good and lead to more repair work.

This has long been a problem, but now a solution has been found thanks to a new divot tool by Pitchfix. The Fusion and the Twister are divot tools that have three pins, and to repair a divot all that is needed is to push the pins in and out of a mark a few times. This lifts the grass without affecting the roots, so anyone can repair divots well!

Golf essential include ball markers that allow a golf ball to be moved and them put back in the same spot, and some ball markers can be clipped to a hat or cap for convenience.

Golf essentials are good gift ideas because any golfer like to use them while playing. Divot tools and ball markers can be personalized with a message, or have a logo put on them, so are good as personal and promotional gifts. For golf essentials to put a smile on the face of any golfer, see the range at Pitchfix!