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Golf course equipment is not only important when playing the sport, but it is also important in keeping the course in good condition. There is a variety of golf course equipment used to manage the course, such as washers to clean the golf balls and clubs, markers, sand rakes for the bunkers and other items that are used in the day to day maintenance of the course. Essential to the golf course is keeping the grass in good condition. Grass is a plant that requires feeding, the removal of weeds and the right soil structure to produce healthy growth.

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One item of golf course equipment that is designed especially for keeping the grass in good condition is a golf divot tool. It is a useful, fork-like tool that is used to fix the damage that is caused to the grass, either by golf clubs contacting the turf or by golf balls landing on the putting green. The putting green should ideally be a smooth surface. Any dents in the grass can cause a golf ball to run off its true line, and this makes it frustrating for the player.

A golf divot tool has two metal prongs that are used to carefully push the edges of the mark back together. The technique is to work from the outside towards the middle, until the gap is closed, and this helps to repair the mark without disturbing the structure of the grass roots. A useful piece of golf course equipment, a golf divot tool is pocket sized and easy to carry around the course. It can be personalized with some text, funny icon, brand or logo, making it a great gift idea for golfer. They are also ideal for companies or golf clubs that want to promote their brand.

A golf divot tool is a gift that any golfer would be happy to receive and use when playing a course.