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Funny golf gifts are sure to please anyone who enjoys the sport. Usually, the sort of funny golf gifts that are in stores or on the internet are things such as novelty items, golf themed tea sets or stationary with amusing slogans. Although it might make someone smile, if you want a gift that won’t just be thrown into a drawer and forgotten about, then it needs to have some practical purpose. A golf divot tool is something that any golfer would appreciate, yet it can be personalized with something funny too. All golfers should carry a divot tool with them on the golf course. It is a useful golfing gadget that is used to repair the ‘divots’ in the turf. Divots are caused by golfers scraping the turf with their golf clubs or when the golf balls land on the putting green. If all golfers repaired the divots they saw on the course, then it is kept in good playing condition.

Rather than being a chore, divot repair is a pleasure when you have a Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It has a long handle, so having to bend or kneel down to reach the grass is a thing of the past! That means no more backaches or muscle strains, and that benefits players and professional greenkeepers. It has interchangeable heads with durable pins, so repairs are effective in any soil type. Having a long handle allows many divots to be quickly repairs, saving time. If you want to try a new way of divot repair, the Greenkeeper Pro is all you need.

The divot too has two prongs that push the soil and turf back towards the center, until the gap is closed, and this is the recommended technique so that no damage is caused to the grass roots. The prongs fold back into the casing for safety when not in use, and it can easily be carried in a pocket or on a key ring. A great, practical gift idea, but divot tools can be funny golf gifts too. On the casing there is the option of personalizing it with a funny message, quote or smiley. Funny golf gifts can often be tricky to choose, especially because a lot of golfing kit is expensive. The golf divot tool is inexpensive, and something any golfer would be happy to receive. Make it a funny golf gift and they will smile every time they use it on the course.

Thinking of ways to grow your business is always and ongoing challenge, but one way is to get people talking. A promotional gift is something that gets attention, especially if it is a tool gadget. We provide golf gadgets branding on our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you can get your business logo displayed. Our tools are quality items that any golfer would be happy to use. Each gift comes individually presented and ready to hand out. Use them to say thanks to your clients, or to gain new ones at networking events or trade days. For promotional gifts that work, try golf gadgets branding!

Keeping on top of your marketing methods is essential for any business owner or manager, and finding new ways to promote it can be a challenge. One great promotional idea is a branded gift that you can hand out to clients and customers, as well as to people at trade shows or industry events. When choosing a promotional gift, it has to be good quality, and that is where we can help. We offer personalized golf gifts branding on our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you can have your business logo displayed. Want to know more about personalized golf gifts branding? Call us today!


Finding a decent golf gift might be tricky, but if you want something that is both practical and trendy, Aquabrush is the way to go! Players can clean their golf club heads while on the course with this ingenious golf gizmo. It removes dirt, debris, and grime off the head, ensuring that each shot is as precise as possible. Aquabrush has an internal reservoir that holds water and sprays it out in a fine mist. The dirt can then be removed with the help of the built-in brush. Even better, the brush heads may be replaced as needed, eliminating the need to purchase a completely new unit. Try Aquabrush today!


PickCup is a golf course accessory that fits inside the hole on the putting green. It's fastened to the flagstick to make it easier for players to retrieve their ball and to maintain the hole's edges for longer. When players reach in for their ball, damage to the hole margins, or the grass roots around the hole, might occur. PickCup only requires players to simply lift the flagstick and tip their ball out. Not only that, PickCup complies with the Rules of Golf, so it can be used in tournaments as well. PickCup is great for tidy putting greens and contented greenkeepers, so try it today!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo is a feature that allows you to show players commercial messages anytime they collect their golf ball from a hole. After a successful putt, PickCup sits at the base of the flagstick and catches a golf ball. The player just lifts the flagstick to get their golf ball, displaying PickCup. This makes it an excellent location for advertising club services, course etiquette, or a local company many like to sponsor a hole or a tournament. PickCup Promo ensures that messages are visible by all players on the course, making it extremely successful. See how PickCup Promo can help your golf course receive more income today!

Hybrid 2.0

If you enjoy the best golf gadgets, don't pass up the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool! The switchblade function allows for instant use, and it also includes a nifty, removable ball marker and pencil sharpener! Because the ball marker can be customised with brand colours or logos, it is an excellent choice for businesses looking for promotional golf gift ideas to give to clients or customers. There are 17 additional colour options available, so choose your personal favourite. Or why not give one to a golfing friend as a present? Get your hands on the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool now!

Fusion 2.5

Do you need a special golf gift for a friend? Or perhaps you are looking to try a cool gadget yourself. present? If that's so, the Fusion 2.5 divot tool is for you! It not only evens out the divots on the putting green, but the unique RepairTecTM technology prevents soil compaction and keeps grass roots in a healthy condition. There are 14 different colour possibilities to choose from, so you can find the perfect gift for any player. The quick release ball marker on the Fusion 2.5 divot tool can be tailored with a logo, allowing businesses to raise brand exposure with an awesome marketing gift. If that wasn't enough, I t also includes a pencil sharpener! Get the Fusion 2.5 divot tool today!

Multimarker chip

Do you want to give a golf gift that you know any player will love? Or perhaps you are looking for a golfing treat for yourself. In any case, you can't get better than the Multimarker Chip! This fantastic gadget will quickly become an indispensable part of your arsenal. It is a poker-style chip that functions as both a ball marker and a putting alignment tool. When golfing with friends, the numbers on the Multimarker Chip can be used as a tee toss to assist in determining the order of play. This tool isn't just for golfers! It can also be used as a promotional item for businesses when you add your logo. The Multimarker Chip will delight any player, so get yours today!