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Businesses need innovative ways to promote their services, and one way to do that is with an executive golf gift. Golf is a sport that is associated with the corporate world, and it is often a way for stressed business types to let off some steam, as well as a way to meet other people. If you give an executive golf gift to potential clients, it will remind them of your business every time they see it. But what are good executive golf gifts?

Divot repair can be a strain on the muscles and joints, especially for professional greenkeepers who may have to bend down to make many repairs in a day. That is why the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool is a must-have piece of golfing equipment. It has a long handle, so divot repair can be done while standing. You still get the same great results as with our other divot tools, but without the aches that happen with bending and kneeling. The Greenkeeper Pro comes with interchangeable heads, so repairs can be made in any soil. Try the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool today!

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Golf gadgets branding is a great promotional gift idea. All too often, promotional gifts are throwaway items that just get forgotten about, but with a branded golf gadgets, you can be sure that your logo gets seen often. We offer golf gadgets branding on our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you get a quality promotional gift. Each comes neatly presented in individual packaging, so all you have to do is hand them out! Give them to people at networking events to attract new customers, they can be competition prizes, or used to remind exiting clients of your business. Call us today to get started!

Golfers all need a few useful tools to use on the golf course, such as divot tools and ball markers. Divot tools have metal prongs or pins that are used to repair the dents in the grass on the putting greens. Dents can be caused by golfers scraping the turf with their clubs, or when golf balls land heavily. If you take a putt on a green that is not smooth, a ball will not go where it is aimed. So, golfer often repair any damage they see before taking their putt.

Pitchfix divot tools are good executive gifts, because they have changed the way that divot repair works. Some divot tools have a technique to use properly, however with the three pin tools by Pitchfix, all that is needed is to press the pins in and out of a dent a few times and the grass is levelled! This has taken the golf world by storm, and any golfer would be delighted to own a Pitchfix tool.

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Finding a promotional gift is always a challenge. It has to be a good quality item, but also it need to be cost effective. We have personalized golf gifts branding across our range of golf divot tools and ball markers, so you can have your business or charity logo displayed. This makes for a great promotional gift, as our golf tools are some of the most prized around. Each gift comes neatly presented, so all you have to do is hand them out at networking days, trade shows or to your existing customers. Call us to find out more about personalized golf gifts branding.

Divot tools by Pitchfix come in a choice of colors, and there is the opportunity to have a logo displayed. All Pitchfix tools are quality items, and that is what you want in a gift that represents your business. If you are looking for executive golf gifts that are useful and sought after, then see the options at Pitchfix.

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Aquabrush is a must-have for golfers who enjoy the latest gadgets. This handy club brush is not only useful for keeping your golf club heads clean on the course, but it's also lightweight and simple to use. Fill the interior reservoir with water, and you'll have a spray and brush at your disposal to clean dirt and dust whenever you need it. Cleaning golf clubs improves the accuracy of your shots, which is something that every golfer seeks! Aquabrush is also an excellent gift option, and with four color options, you are sure to find one for any golfer. Try Aquabrush now!


Greenkeepers are always working to keep the holes on the putting green neat and in good condition. Damage to the sides of the hole and the grass edge can occur when players reach in to recover their ball. But, that is a thing of the past thanks to PickCup! This handy golf accessory attaches to the base of the flagstick and creates a cup-shaped platform for collecting a golf ball. A player easily lifts the flagstick to retrieve the ball, instead of reaching in. PickCup helps keep the hole's tidy edges for longer while also saving players the discomfort of stooping down to retrieve their golf ball. See how PickCup can improve your putting greens now!

PickCup Promo

Every time a player holes their golf ball, they may see a promotional message, thanks to PickCup Promo. With PickCup Promo, an advertisement or message is displayed on the platform, a handy golf ball catcher that sits at the foot of the flagstick. Players simply lift the flagstick to retrieve their ball. After tipping out their ball, the brandable area of PickCup is seen. This provides clubs with numerous options to promote professional golf services to members, advise them on golf etiquette, or provide local businesses the opportunity to sponsor the putting green and gain exposure to a specific market. Learn more about PickCup Promo now.