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A divot fixer tool is used to keep the grass on the golf course in good condition. This is important on the putting greens as any damage or dents in the grass affect how a golf ball rolls. A putting green with divots in is very frustrating to play, so before taking a putt, golfers often repair the divots they see so their ball follows a true line.

Traditionally, a divot fixer tool is made of two metal prongs. The prongs are inserted into the turf at the outside edges of a mark. The technique is to carefully lever the grass back to position. When done correctly, the results are successful, however not all golfers know how to do it. An untidy repair can lead to damaged roots that require more work.

Now there is a solution, and it is taking the golf world by storm! The Pitchfix range of divot fixer tools have a clever design that has changed divot repair from complicated to simple! The three pin design allows divots to be repaired with minimal effort. All that is needed to fix a mark is to insert the pins in and out of a mark a few times, and the grass is lifted without affecting the roots. These award-winning divot tools are some of the hottest golf equipment around!

A divot fixer tool is a good gift idea for golfers, as they are a recommended part of a golfer’s kit. Pitchfix divot tools come in a choice of colors, and they can be personalized with a message, amusing quip or quote. If you are a business looking for a promotional gift, Pitchfix divot tools can have a brand or logo shown. A quality golf gift is something that any golfer would appreciate, so see the divot fixer tools by Pitchfix today!