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Business Christmas gifts need to be something that gives a good impression of your business, but also something that is not too expensive. Some items to consider are golf accessories such as golf divot tools and ball markers.

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Divot tools are useful to have on the putting green, as they are used to repair the dents in the grass caused by golfers scraping it with their clubs or when golf balls land heavily and leave a dent in it. The grass on the putting green should be smooth and flat, to allow a ball to roll where it is aimed. If the surface has dents in it, it can make it poor to play on. Golfers will often look over the grass and repair any marks they see using a divot tool, so that their ball is not affected.

Golf ball markers are also great business Christmas gifts. They are used to mark the position of a golf ball, should it need to be removed. Often, if there are more than a couple of golf balls on the green, it can get confusing, or one ball might get in the way of another player’s putt. When this happens, a ball marker is placed directly behind a golf ball so it can be picked up and then put back in the same spot when it is that player’s turn.

Golf is something than is associated with the business world, so giving a gift that can be used on the golf course is sure to please. Pitchfix tools are great business Christmas gifts as they come in a choice of colors and can be customized with a logo. If you are looking for quality business Christmas gifts that will be appreciated as well as something that will promote your business, then see Pitchfix!

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Aquabrush is a great tool for keeping your golf equipment clean and your shots on target. The integrated brush and spray can be quickly fastened to the outside of your golf club bag and is conveniently accessible when needed. The firm scrubbing brush removes grass and soil, and pressing the cap brings a thin jet of water if you need an extra burst of cleaning strength. There are four different colours to select from, so it's also a terrific golf gift idea! If you are looking for promotional items for your business, we can customise the cap with your company's logo. Choose your favourite Aquabrush colour today.


PickCup is a ball retrieval system that stops the need for players to reach inside the hole to retrieve their ball, which might cause damage that must be repaired. PickCup attaches to the base of the flagstick and gathers golf balls on a platform after they are holed. Players simply raise the flagstick and tip their ball out. PickCup's rubberized edge safeguards the hole and the grass on the green if the flag is set down. It also complies with the Rules of Golf and so can be used in competitions. Get PickCup for your course now!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo enables businesses to easily reach their target customers on the golf course. PickCup is a clever ball retrieval system that allows players to remove their ball from putting green holes without leaning down. It is attached to the flagstick's base and collects the ball once holed. Players raise the flagstick to recover the ball. The PickCup platform is the perfect spot to display a company logo or promotional message because every player that putts to that hole will see it. Sponsor a single hole or an entire golf tournament — it is up to you! Choose PickCup Promo for your next marketing strategy.