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Premium business gifts should give good impression to clients and customers, as it could be seen to reflect a company’s standards. A poor quality gift could give the impression that products and services might also be poorer quality, and vice versa.

One premium business gift is a good for anyone who enjoys the golf course, and that is a divot tool. It is used to keep the grass on the putting greens in good condition, as dents and scrapes can make it difficult for a golf ball to roll evenly. Before putting, golfers check the green for any divots that might affect their golf ball, and repair them before taking a putt.

Most divot tools have two metal prongs that flip from their casing. The prongs are inserted into the turf at the edge of a divot, and the grass is lifted from beneath to level it. The problem with this is that there is a technique to repairing divots, and if it is not followed then it can cause more damage and repair work. Now, a solution has been found, thanks to Pitchfix and their premium divot tools. Pitchfix divot tools have a three pins design, and there is not technique to learn. The pins are just poked in and out of a divot a few times, and this works to lift the grass without affecting the roots or soil. Anyone can expertly fix divots using Pitchfix divot tools, and that is why they have won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice award!

If you want to give a premium business gift to wow clients, an award winning golf tool is a good choice. They can be customized in a choice of colors and can have a brand displayed. They are good gift to promote a business at networking events, such as golf days. Ready to impress? See the options at Pitchfix!