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A golf tool is something that is used to fix the divots made to the grass on the golf course. Divots are caused by golfers damaging the grass, either by scraping the turf with their club or when the golf balls land on the putting green. It can be frustrating for a golfer to line up a putt, only for it to not run on its true line because it rolled over a divot. For the golf course to be in good playing condition, all golfers are encouraged to have a golf tool with them so that they can repair any divots the see as they walk the course. A golf tool has two prongs and looks rather like a fork. The prongs are used to gently push the edges of the divot back in towards the center from the outside edges.

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This is so that the mark can be repaired without causing further damage to the structure of the grass roots. Golf tools are easy to put into a pocket or on a key ring and they are not as expensive as many other golfing gadgets that are available. This makes golf tools a great gift idea for any golfer.

The prongs of the golf tool fold back into the casing for safety when it is not being used, and there is room to put a personalized message, icon or smiley. It can even have a company brand or team logo, making it a great idea to give as a corporate gift too. Many people play golf and a golf tool with a company logo on it will be seen by many people. A golf tool is not just a useful piece of golfing equipment, it is also an inexpensive gift idea and a great promotional tool for a company.

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