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Golf gag gifts are often those hilarious items that don’t really have much use on the golf course, but what if you could give a gift that was both funny and useful? There are some golf accessories that are useful to have while playing golf, but that can also be personalized to make it a gift that makes someone laugh.

For professional greenkeeper, there is one divot tool worth its weight in gold. That is the Greenkeeper Pro! Repairing divots usually means bending or kneeling down to reach the grass, and this can put stress on the joints and muscles. When you have to make many repairs in a day, it can cause more problems. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has changed the way professionals and players can repair divots. It has a long handle so divots can be fixed while standing, just with a twist! There are interchangeable heads that make repairs easy in any soil conditions, and like all our products, the Greenkeeper Pro is a tool that lasts.

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Golf divot tools are one golf gag gift that is also a useful part of any golfer’s equipment. They are used on the putting green to repair the dents in the grass, caused when golfers brush it with their clubs or when golf balls land heavily. The putting green should have a smooth surface so that a ball will go where it is aimed, if the surface of a putting green is full of dents it is hard to play on. Golfers often look over the putting green and repair any marks they see using a divot tool.

Divot tools have single, double or triple pins that are pushed in and out of a dent to lift the grass, and while divot repair used to require a technique, anyone can do it thanks to Pitchfix designs.

Pitchfix divot tools are great golf gag gifts because you can have a funny one-liner, a quote or a joke added to the tool. They also come in a choice of colors, and the quality materials used means they are long lasting. Pitchfix tools are some of the most wanted on the market, and are guaranteed to make any golfer smile!

Golf gag gifts are a great gift for birthdays, Christmas or just as a business gift to give to clients. However, they don’t have to just be funny, so why not give something that will be appreciated too? See the divot tools by Pitchfix today!

Getting the right promotional gift is a clever way to market your brand. However, getting it right can be tricky. A promotional gift represents your business, so it needs to be something that is good quality. Our award-winning divot tools and ball markers are some of the most prized on the market, and now you can have your brand or logo displayed on them. Golf gadgets branding allows you to have fantastic promo gift. Each tool is neatly presented and ready to hand out at networking events, or to say thanks to your clients. Call us today to talk about golf gadgets branding!

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Are you looking for marketing methods that work? Personalized golf gifts branding is a great idea, as you get a quality promotional gift that will wow your clients and bring new ones to your business. We are known for our superb quality divot tools and ball markers, and you can have your business logo or colors displayed. Giving branded gifts is an effective way to get your business noticed. Hand them out at networking event or to remind your existing clients of the products or services you provide. Want to learn more about personalized golf gifts branding? Call us today!

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Aquabrush is a lightweight golf brush to keep your club heads clear of dirt and debris. It is the only tool you'll need to remove mud or grass from your golf club, which might hinder the precision of your shot if it's not removed. To use Aquabrush, I t's as simple as filling the inner reservoir with water, spraying and brushing as needed. You can easily connect to your golf bag, so it is handy to reach when you need to. There are four cool colours to select from, so you can either get one for yourself or as a fun gift for a golf buddy. Pick your Aquabrush now!


PickCup is a useful golf gadget for keeping the holes on the putting greens in good shape. When a ball is holed, it is collected by a cup-shaped platform that is attached to the base of the flagstick. A player simply lifts the flagstick and tips the ball out onto the green or picks the ball out from the cup to retrieve their ball. Because there is no awkward reaching for the ball, the holes remain neat and tidy, requiring minimal maintenance. PickCup is also compliant with the Rules of Golf, allowing it to be used during tournaments. PickCup is a great way to get great-looking greens. Get PickCup today!

PickCup Promo

PickCup is an effective tool that not only helps keep the holes on the putting greens in good condition, but also provides a great opportunity for businesses to share promotional messages. PickCup attaches to the flagstick's base and gathers a ball once it has been successfully holed. When you use PickCup Promo, a promotional message is displayed in the gadget, and seen by players when they lift the flagstick to collect their ball. Use PickCup Promo to promote pro services, offer course etiquette advice, or invite local businesses to sponsor a hole. PickCup Promo is a must-have for promotional displays that get noticed!

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 is a divot tool that is sweeping the golf world! The switchblade operation makes it simple to release the tool, and the rubberized grips make it comfortable to hold. But wait, there's more! The Hybrid 2.0 comes with a removable ball marker and an inclusive pencil sharpener, allowing you to take scorecard notes without the hassle of a blunt pencil. The Hybrid 2.0 is an awesome golf gift for any player, and comes in 17 different colours, so you're sure to find the ideal design. Because the ball marker can be personalised with a company logo, it is also an excellent promotional item. Get the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool today!

Fusion 2.5

The Fusion 2.5 is a high-performance switch-blade golf divot tool that any golfer would enjoy using out on the course. RepairTecTM technology enables the steel prongs to repair divots in the grass without damaging the root systems or packing the soil, reducing the chances of brown patches. The switchblade design makes it easy to use, and the rubberized handles are comfortable to hold. The Fusion 2.5 includes a pencil sharpener and a brandable magnetic ball marker, making it an ideal marketing gift for businesses to offer to clients, customers, or to generate publicity at special events. With 14 colourways, the Fusion 2.5 divot tool makes a fantastic gift for any golfer. Get your Fusion 2.5 divot tool today!

Multimarker chip

The Multimarker Chip is a cool gadget that is both great for players and for people looking for golf gift ideas. On one side, this poker-style chip serves as a ball marker, while on the other, it functions as a putting alignment tool. When golfing with a group, the numbers on the Multimarker Chip can be used as a tee toss. The Multimarker Chip is an effective advertising item for businesses since it can be customised with a brand logo on the cap and allows your company to be seen by your targeted market. There are ten different colour options, so whether you buy this gadget for yourself or a buddy, you'll be able to find a style that suits you. Order your Multimarker Chip today!