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A custom divot tool is one of those golfing gifts that will please any golfer, as it is something they are encouraged to have with them on the golf course. Divot tools are items used to repair the grass on the putting greens, often damaged when golfers scrape it with their club or when a golf ball lands heavily and leaves a dent. The surface of the putting green is supposed to be smooth, and when it isn’t, putting can be very frustrating. Golfers use divot tools to repair any damaged areas of grass they see before putting, so their ball follows a true line.

Divot repair requires a technique, and that is to insert two metal prongs of the tool into the grass at the outside edges of a mark. The grass is then levered back into position. The problem with this is an old one – often golfers do not use the right method and cause more damage to the grass roots.

Thankfully, Pitchfix have a solution. There range of divot tools have three prongs, and to repair a mark they are poked in and out a few times. This magically lifts the grass without affecting the roots. Pitchfix custom divot tools are now the most prized divot tools around.

A custom divot tool is a good gift idea because it can be personalized to suit the recipient. How about adding a special quote, funny quip or icon? You can even have a brand or logo added, so custom divot tools are great promotional gifts too. Pitchfix tools come in a choice of colors, and they are presented in a neat gift box. If you are looking for the best golf gift, or if you just like to try out golf kit, check out the custom divot tools by Pitchfix.