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One way of promoting a business and spreading the word about the services or products it has to offer, is to choose branded corporate gift to give to clients and customers. The right gift is important, as it represents the brand and company image. We’ve all seen branded corporate gifts, and they usually consist of branded drinking cups, clothing or novelty stationary items. For branded corporate gifts that create the right impression, choose something that people can use with a sport or hobby. A golf divot tool is a great gift to give as there are many people who enjoy a game of golf, and golf is a sport that is often played by business people.

The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool takes the work out of divot repair, making the job faster and more efficient. Professional greenkeepers may have to make many repairs in a day, and this can be stressful on the muscles and joints, as well as time-consuming. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has a long handle, so no bending down is required to reach the grass. It is lightweight and easy to carry, has durable interchangeable heads with steel pins, and also looks great installed at the green edge for players to use too! Take the work out of divot repair with a Greenkeeper Pro divot tool!

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If you are looking for new ways to attract more clients to your business, have you ever considered golf gadgets branding? This is where your brand logo is added to our range of golf tools, giving you a quality branded gift that you can use for networking days, and more. When your brand is seen on a top quality golf tool, it gets noticed! Golf tools are also often shared on the golf course, so your brand will be in front of potential new clients. Each golf gift is neatly presented and ready to hand out. Want to know more about golf gadgets branding? Call us now!

A divot tool is a useful piece of golfing equipment that is used to repair the damage caused the grass on the course. Golfers often swing their clubs too close to the ground and scrape the turf, and the golf balls can leave marks on the putting green that can affect how well the ball rolls. All golfers are recommended to have a golf tool with them as they play so that they can fix any divots they see. The divot tool has two prongs that are used to carefully push the outside edges of the divot back together to close the gap and fix the mark. The prongs fold back into the casing for safety when not in use and this where a company brand or logo can be put. A great gift that people will enjoy using, combined with a brand logo, gives a good impression of a business. As more people see your branded divot tools on the course, more custom and potential clients are aware of your business. Golf divot tools are ideal branded corporate gifts, giving you an easy way to promote your company and what it offers.

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Are you looking for fun and effective ways to promote your business? Personalized golf gifts branding is where your logo is displayed on our golf tools and accessories, giving you a promotional gift worth giving! Any golf fan would be happy to own a golf tool, and when your brand logo is on it, it will get noticed. Each golf gift comes neatly presented and ready to hand out. Give them out at networking events to bring in new clients, or send o your existing clients as a thank you. Ready to grow your brand? Call us today for more about personalized golf gifts branding!

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When out on the golf course, soil and grass can get stuck on your golf club heads and reduce accuracy when you take a shot. That is why it is essential to clean your clubs before approaching the ball. Aquabrush is a golf accessory that makes it simple to keep clubs clean. It comes with a strong scrubbing brush that can be used with a water spray to remove stubborn grime. Fill the inside reservoir with water, clip it to your golf bag, and you're ready to go! Aquabrush is an excellent golf gift. It can also be a fantastic promotional gift too, as it can be branded with a logo. Try Aquabrush today!


PickCup is a new method for players to retrieve their ball after it has been holed. It attaches to the flagstick's base, forming a cup-shaped platform that catches the golf ball. Instead of crouching down and reaching inside the hole, players can easily tip out their ball by lifting the flagstick. This is good news for greenkeepers because fewer people reaching inside the hole means the edges stay neater for longer and require less care. PickCup helps protect the green when the flag is placed down, due to the rubberized edges. It is fully compliant with the Rules of Golf, and a must-have item for every golf course!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo is the solution if you're seeking new ways to reach your target market. This innovative device makes it simple for players to collect their golf balls after they have been holed. It attaches to the base of the flagstick and creates a tray that collects the ball. Instead of reaching into the hole with a hand or a putter, which can harm the hole's edges and the surrounding grass, the flagstick is lifted and the ball follows. Because the PickCup tray is visible to players, it is an ideal location for your company logo or brand message. It can also be used to promote course etiquette or pro club services. Try PickCup Promo now!

Pitchfix DNA

At Pitchfix, design and function is woven into the very fabric of what we do. We strive to provide the best possible products for golfers, whilst also being as gentle on the greens as possible. Every item we create is crafted with care and precision, from the feel of the ergonomic grips, the satisfying sound of the buttons and levers and the quality of the materials used. Our tools and accessories have been designed with the help of professional golfers, to deliver unparalleled performance and make it easier for players and green keepers to maintain the best possible conditions. We are committed to delivering excellence in our design and function, and to creating the perfect products for golfers.

Global presence, local service with Pitchfix

Golf is a truly global sport and Pitchfix has an influence in all the major markets, always available to provide guidance, stock up and deliver customer service at any moment. Having been founded back in 2005, Pitchfix stands as a leading brand across Europe, Asia and North America supplying innovative golf accoutrements through highly reputable distributors. Golfers are always impressed with the quality and aesthetics of our items, as well as their packaging. Our goal is to become renowned worldwide when it comes to golf accessories and marketing gifts, whilst we continue reinforcing our name thanks to this extensive range of high-calibre golf products. Get in touch to find out more.

What makes Pitchfix tools special

Getting the right product for your brand can sometimes be tricky. With Pitchfix's unique family of products, it’s easier than ever to find one to fit your specific needs. All our golf tools have an area specifically designed to display your brand or logo, making it the perfect way to advertise your company or next event. The range of Pitchfix products is the perfect way to keep your business name in the minds of your customers and clients, while they play that next round of golf. Get in touch today and see how we can help with your branding!